Karoo Herb Circle

Come join us in the Karoo Herb Circle and listen to the silence. Come meander on footpaths with Antoinette and Oom Johannes for a weekend of herb-stories, animal-stories and plant-stories. Come to the Karoo where the stars whisper their secrets softly in your ear at night.














2018 Workshops


  • 11-13 May
  • 25-27 May
  • 8-10 June
  • 15-18 June
  • 6-8 July
  • 27-29 July
  • 9-12 August
  • 24-26 August
  • 7-9 September
  • 21-24 September
  • 12-14 October
  • 26-28 October
  • 2-4 November
  • 23-25 November

Antoinette and oom Johannes are planning a brand new adventure this year. In the 14 years they have been working together, people from all over the country, and overseas, have flocked to Theefontein for consultations, herb-treatments, and to discuss life in all its facets. During the week from 5-7pm the telephone line is abuzz with people asking for remedies and ordering herbs. Feedback from people who use the herbs is overwhelmingly positive and in many cases the use of herbs is a life-changing experience.

Many callers expressed a great need to walk in nature to see where the herbs that they use come from and to experience the healing power of nature first-hand.

This year, Antoinette and Oom Johannes, will begin teaching people about Karoo herbs through workshops that they will lead. For the next two to three years, this need will be provided for in the form of workshops. The workshops will follow on each other in order for delegates to grow into a greater understanding of the indigenous herbs.

The arrival was lovely: warm, welcoming and a lovely green oasis . . . My conversations with Antoinette gave me an immediate sense of her going straight for the essence – she spoke about herbs which open your gesintheid (your visionary ability) which spoke to me very deeply. I had an instant sense of a wealth and depth of wisdom which I needed to tap into . . . Delicious food, also for me as a vegetarian . . . Loved the quiet and the magnificent stars – would love to have slept outside under the stars.
Isabelle Webb, Cape Town, Mar 2013
Eerstens is die hoogte punt vir my dat ek op ‘n “road trippie” saam met my Ma ‘n slag iewers heen alleen was. Ek was al na baie workshops of retreats op my eie gegaan en gewens sy was daar. Maar die feit dat die een in die Karoo plaas gevind het en heel in Afrikaans was, was baie spesiaal vir my. . . . Die stilte, die kos en die natuur was fantasties. Ek voel regtig geseënd om elke mens die naweek te geontmoet het. Ek sal graag elke jaar terug kom, en my boompie Karoo water gee.
Louise, Paris en London, Maart 2013
Helena, Maart 2013
Naweek was wonderlik. Ann en Charl het ook die hele pad gegaan om ons verblyf aangenaam te maak.
Jeff de Wet
Baie moeg xxx aangekom en nie geweet wat om te verwag nie. Ek moet se dat ek baie aangeneem en verras was. Die wonderlike sameseyn met elkeen. Die wonder wat ons in die naturur beleef.

Ons het baie tuisgevoel en dankbaar oor die moeite wat Ann en haar man gedoen het. Die verblyf was goed. Alles was mooi ingerug. Ek het baie veilig gevoel.

Wat my opgeval het is die manier hoe Oom Johannes and Antoinette mekaar respekteer en aanvul. Ek is baie dankbaar dat ek hierdie naweek kan meemaak.

Lorraine de Wet

Where will the workshop be?

The workshops and accommodation is on the farm Juriesfontein, a neighbouring farm in the Great Karoo. The farm is an hour’s drive from Beaufort West on a very good gravel road.

Maximum 4 people will be allowed per workshop. The loneliness that people experience in big towns and cities make it easy to forget that humans are pack animals. During the workshop we hope that people will remember that we are all connected through our humanity. There is no cellphone reception or internet connection on the farm, so that you can enjoy and absorb the silence without electronic interference. Bedding will be provided.

We have found over the years that people also prefer the self-catering option, which means they can cook what they like in their own time.

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Workshop 1 and 2 – What is it about?

Antoinette and oom Johannes will start by telling about the herbs that grow on the plains and in the ravines, where they occur and how they can be used medicinally. Attention will be given to how the body and the organs mirror human emotions and how herbs can provide relief and healing, not only physically but also on an emotional level. They will then elaborate and shortly talk about medicinal garden herbs and how you can grow your own pharmacy in your backyard.

The second session after tea provides the opportunity for people to ask about diseases with which they struggle and how natural remedies can become an important part of your medicine cabinet.

On Saturday afternoon, Marlene Rousseau leads a workshop on how to successfully pen down your thoughts on paper, how your words can be testimony to how you experience your inner landscape. The solitude of modern life makes for too little opportunity to unpack the stones from your heart with a friend over a cup of tea at your kitchen table.

Sunday morning after breakfast we will, armed with sunscreen and shades, undertake a two-hour walk in nature. Antoinette and oom Johannes will accompany the group through the veldt and they will show people where the herbs grow. Nature’s wonderful medicine, to feel the sun on your shoulders, to sweep your eyes across the landscape, and to breathe the fresh air; this has unusual healing value. After the walk we will return to the house where we’ll enjoy a delicious lunch. After lunch we will part and once more go our separate ways.


The prices below are for the workshops and accommodation in the Self-catering Shepherd’s Cottage on Juriesfontein. Meals can be provided upon prior arrangement at additional cost.

Accommodation Options 2 night workshop 3 night workshop
Option 1 – shared bathroom, 4 single beds in room. R4890 pp sharing R6390 pp sharing
Otion 2 – en-suite bathroom, 4 single beds in room. R4940 pp sharing R6440 pp sharing

Healthy food

Ann Pienaar of Juriesfontein will provide light, healthy meals. It is impossible to provide for extra specialised diets. A fridge is available for people with specialised diets to provide in their own needs. We do offer vegetarian meals. If you have questions or suggestions about food, please contact Ann at pienaarann@gmail.com

How to book

Step 1: Choose a workshop

Step 2: Enquire

You can contact Ann Pienaar at pienaarann@gmail.com to find out if there is space. We will take your details and provide you with a reference number. If there is no space, your name will be added to a waiting list, incase of cancellations.

Stap 3: Pay 50% deposit – or the full amount.

A booking will be made at receipt of the 50% deposit. The deposit will be returned (-R100 admin fee) only if cancellation is made two weeks prior to the workshop. The full amount is payable 3 days before the start of the worksop. Deposits can be made through payment into our bank account or EFT. (There are no card facilities on Juriesfontein.)

What to bring

Friday and Saturday

  • Comfortable clothes, ie. T-shirts, trousers and shorts
  • Warm jacket (nights can become unexpectedly cold
  • Pajamas, slippers and ear plugs (if you are worried about a snoring roommate)
  • Insect-repellant
  • Towel
  • Flashlight
  • Stationery (pen, pencil or anything with which you can write)


  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Good walking shoes and socks
  • Cane
  • Sun hat
  • Trousers for walking in nature
  • Small backpack
  • Waterbottle
  • Lip-ice

The nearest town is 80km from the farm. We recommend that you come prepared as we prefer that no one drives to town over the weekend.