Frequently Asked Questions

It is always important to eat healthily, take responsibility for your health, and want to get better. In some cases, such as when you use Manskruie or Vrouekruie, you must not use alcohol.

Karoo herbs are not commonly available and it is better to buy from Theefontein. However, if you know plants well and know what you are buying, certain herbs can be bought from fresh produce markets – be careful though since everyone does not refer to the same plant by the same name. The botanical names (which Antoinette can provide on request) may also help you to distinguish.

No. When it is very dry, herbs become scarce and will then be more expensive than usual, but generally they are more affordable than medication because the results are long-term.

While certain herbs are deliciously refreshing, other can be pretty ‘shocking’ and bitter. Fortunately you get used to it.

Every person’s body is different and therefore it is impossible to know exactly how quickly it will work. Some types of herbs work within days while others take a bit longer – usually weeks or a couple of months.

No, you must never just discontinue medication. After consultation, we may be able to gradually wean you off medication, with the help of herbs. The key is to listen to your body and to combine herbs and medicine accordingly.

We are unaware of any cases of people being allergic to herbs.

Certain herbs can cause nausea or light diarrhoea, but it’s rare and then just part of the way in which that particular kind of herb works and detoxifies your body. Sometimes herbs can make you feel worse before you feel better, but it is very important that you continue using the herbs – just reduce the dosage a little until your body is used to it.

Yes, dosage is adjusted according to age. There is a herb for every ailment.