“Herbs do not work as quickly as conventional medicine, which often leads to people losing hope too soon. When a person uses herbs, he becomes involved in his or her own healing because he has to believe in the healing process, which is just as important as the healing itself.”


























All the herbs described below grow on the Great Karoo farm Theefontein where Oom Johannes and Antoinette live, and can be used in different combinations and measurements to heal and relieve a wide range of ailments. Antoinette says there is a herb for every ailment but not all of them are listed here, so feel free to phone her with your queries.

The herbs are harvested, dried and packed on the farm and directly bought. Antoinette can be contacted via email at info@karookruie.co.za. Prices of herbs are available on request and are generally not more costly than most conventional medicines.

Herb stocks for about three months, and a recipe of how to use the herbs correctly, will be posted at the end of the month following payment into their account. Banking details are available on the ‘contact us’ page or can be obtained directly from Antoinette.

Other home remedies and tips are available on the  Home Remedies’ page .












List of herbs

  • Bergpatat  assists with weight loss because it stimulates metabolism.
  • Bitterbos  is a liver detox and can be used successfully by people who have cancer of the liver, hepatitis and other liver ailments.
  • Dasbos  and  Balderjan  literally ‘sweats’ out a cold.
  • Dasbos  and  Karmedip  assists with bladder infection and other bladder conditions, as well as prostate problems as it ensures that the bladder is completely emptied when urinating.
  • Dasbos  and  Klipkruie  detoxifies the body and assists with kidney problems because it regulates water balance in the body.
  • Dasbos  and  Renostertop  strengthens the lungs of tuberculoses (TB) patients.
  • Dawidjie-wortel  helps with memory.
  • Dermpoeier  combines 14 different types of roots that are ground together on a grind stone and relieves spastic colon, irritable bowl syndrome, stomach ulcers and constipation.
  • Gifbolblare  speeds up the healing of wounds and sores.
  • Grashout  relieves wind in the stomach.
  • Kalmoes  assists people wanting to stop smoking by managing cravings.
  • Kaneelbol  stabilises blood conditions like blood pressure, bad blood circulation and varicose veins, as well as cholesterol.
  • Kankerbossie  and  Karmedip  relieves the symptoms of cancers of the bladder, prostate and pancreas.
  • Katjie-drieblaar  assists hormone balance, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause and hot flushes. Can be used with great success instead of hormone replacement therapy. In combination with kankerbossie it can be used to improve immunity in cancer patients.
  • Kraalbos  strengthens the scalp to reduce hair loss and stimulates hair re-growth. It also improves overall condition of hair.
  • Kruitjie-roer-my-niet  relieves tennis elbow, hip problems and sprained joints. It is extremely poisonous and should only be used externally and with great care.
  • Lukwart-boomblare  and  Rooivergeetwortels  improves sugar levels in diabetes sufferers who follow a healthy diet at the same time.
  • Manskruie  reduces impotence.
  • Manskruie  and  Vrouekruie  can assist people battling to fall pregnant.
  • Oogbossie  heals eye problems such as watery eyes and cataracts.
  • Oondbos  relieves headache, usually in combination with other herbs to address what may be causing the headache.
  • Rooivergeetwortels  and  Jakkalsbos  helps people with heart problems, especially following heart bypass surgery because it strengthens the blood and assists the organ in dealing with the trauma of the operation.
  • Velpoeier  relieves eczema, psoriasis, shingles and head lice.
  • Vlak-grashout  is a quick but strong way to get rid of a cold.
  • Wildepampoen  relieves backache.
  • Wynruit Wilde-als  en  Nieshout  heals lung ailments, asthma and bronchitis.