Addition to our Workshops

It remains interesting how organically life just happens around us, how things develop when you don’t make too many plans and allow life to flow through you like a gentle river.

Throughout the year an increasing number of people phoned and requested a one-on-one with Antoinette and Oom Johannes. So have we come to the decision to expand upon this manner of “being” in the Karoo. In between workshops we host a maximum of 2 people with us on Theefontein, for those who want to learn more about Karoo herbs or those who simply want to become silent in the Karoo. We adapt to people’s needs and the best way to learn more about this offer is to call Antoinette at 023 416 1659 to discuss cost.

The dates for "one-on-ones" is any time between April til 31 July 2019.

Give yourself the gift of silence in the Karoo this year; of meditating on an iron stone, to allow your head and your inside to breathe.

Cost is R1300/day; R300/night for accommodation on Theefontein; R150/day for 3 meals.